Coaching & Mentoring

Directly benefitting the next generation and you as the Family Business Owner
  • Family members’ expectations and roles, resulting in less conflict, focused energy, and better productivity,
  • Mentoring and coaching of next generation entrepreneurs – accelerating personal and professional growth for taking over management and ownership roles.

Typical Results of our Next Generation Mentoring Program: The next generation can thrive through

  • Becoming clear about what they want and what the job expectations are...
  • Sharpening their skills as managers and entrepreneurs,
  • Developing a plan to get the knowledge and confidence to lead the business into the future.
  • Getting feedback and encouragement from a trusted sounding board outside the family business
  • Learning about entitlement vs. merit, investing vs. consuming, preserving vs. taking risks


Book our workshop Mentoring – a matter of personal and organizational success”.

Ultimately, mentoring will help to ensure the continued success of your business, and the well being
of the family