Judith Voswinkel

Judith VoswinkelJudith Voswinkel is chosen by her clients because she approaches complex issues with common sense and breaks them down into manageable improvements.  Drawing on her experience of more than 30 years in diverse organizations like family businesses, large corporations and government, Judith helps her clients to see the big picture and realize the steps for reaching the next level. 

Judith is The Strategic Connector, achieving dramatic client results by integrating creativity and structure. She connects those bits of a puzzle that are not obvious from the inside Judith has the ability to identify hidden specific value of individuals in a given business setting that will set them free to live their potential and make the best possible contribution. Her gift of speaking in analogies and images dramatically accelerates understanding by her clients.  Judith’s solutions are pragmatic, actionable and show quick results.

Judith’s education is multi-faceted and well rounded.  She has a Master’s in Business Administration, is a certified coach and a passionate art historian.  Being a pilot, she knows the importance of a bird’s eye perspective, but also paying close attention to details.

With her passion for the entrepreneurial lifestyle, Judith helps businesses to realize the benefits of opportunities they have not been aware of.

Judith’s gives back to the community through leadership positions in organizations such as Rotary and in Arts & Crafts. She also teaches and facilitates workshops at several colleges.

Judith shares her passion for international understanding with her husband Stefan. Travelling globally and hosting exchange students is balanced with enjoying the tranquility of their cabin in Atlin, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful and inspirational places.

 Judith’s typical client results include:

  • Improved communication and trust
  • Less stress and higher productivity
  • True teams instead of committees
  • Higher retention rates
  • Improved bottom line