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The High Cost of the “Peter Principle” to Family Businesses
How to avoid a situation in which everyone loses. (PP1)

Why Succession Planning is about much more than Succession
Uncovering the best options to keep your business successful, your family prosperous and yourself happy. (PP2)

Is your business serving your lifestyle or is it the other way around?
The entrepreneurial lifestyle should be a means to an end. It’s about enjoying the fruit of your labour with your family.(PP3)

“Execute your Strategy, not the Business”
How families prevent taking their business to the next level . (PP4)

From the Kitchen Table to the Boardroom Table
Why you may be your own biggest obstacle to take your business to the next level. (PP5)

When You Should Not Take Over Your Family’s Business
Family businesses fail, prosperity is interrupted and lives get ruined – all because you drifted into taking over the business without really wanting it? (PP6)

The High Cost of the “Peter Principle” to Family Businesses How to avoid a situation in which everyone loses. (PP7)

“Soft” or People Factors influencing the bottom line and value of your business. People factors are actually the hard factors - front and center in determining profits and the value of your business. Especially if you want to transfer or sell it, you better do something about these “soft” factors!. (PP8)

How important is it to you putting your house in order – business and family? What is the amount of care you want to invest in the life of your family after you? How can you hand over the reigns and keep living a full life with purpose? (PP9)

Having no CORE VISION is the single most important reason why Family Businesses don't continue into the Next Generation. Most families would like to keep the business in the family and the family in the business. But very few families translate that into a core vision that transcends generations, or don’t take the necessary steps to implement it. (PP10)

Getting to the Bottom of Issues Brings Returns to the Top Business families thrive on their joint entrepreneurial effort. Their collective “business DNA” is the essence of their success. Yet there are family members who don’t fit into that picture. (PP11)

Staying where you are means going backwards. Expansion at any cost is foolish. What is your happy medium? Continuous improvement is not optional if you want to keep your business successful. It’s like taking parts of your business to the next level all the time... (PP12)

A Tool Kit for Successors in Family Businesses Here is a list of what you can do to build the confidence and respect that are critical to keep your family business successful... (PP13)

Going along to get along: Fake Harmony – the slow killer of families and businesses. Learn how to practice REALISTIC Harmony All too often conflict is left to fester. Resentment is building, but nobody has the guts to start the conversation. The consequences are dire. (PP14)

A Change Management Tip Sheet for Family Owner-Managers Why change projects in family businesses fail and what you can do about it. (PP15)

Having no Job Descriptions – especially for Family Members - carries a high emotional and financial Cost. Learn how to make Job Descriptions work for You - without creating an HR Monster. (PP16)

Spouses & Family Business – make it or brake it?! Spouses can destroy a family business or help taking it to the next level. Learn about early warning signals and how to guide spousal influence in a way that supports your family’s cohesion and prosperity. (PP17)

Business Family Constitution Toolkit The future of your family business all in one document! (PP18)

How (today’s) HR undermines your Business Your people drive the success of your business – you can’t afford letting HR manage these relationships. (PP20)

Nine Ways to screw up the Sale of your Family Business – or not Inevitably, many family businesses will be sold – yet very few owners are willing to realize that a sale takes years to prepare and execute. (PP21)

When Success eats its Children – how to make sure it’s not yours. “Money makes people funny too” and “our biggest worry is to fail because of our own success” – quotes from two very successful business families. (PP22)

How the Next Generation willingly participates in the destruction of family capital. We all focus on why Founders won’t let go. But how is the Next Generation enabling that, and how can they step off their parents’ stage? (PP23)

Rank the Chances of your Family Business surviving into the Next Generation It’s a fact that only 30% of all Family Businesses make it into the Next Generation. How does your business stack up? Do your own reality check by answering the questions below. (PP24)

Mentoring for Family Owners and Managers – an Experience for Life! How having a Mentor will accelerate your Results in Business and Family (PP25)

If you ever were to sell your Business – do it right, or run the risk of destroying value and goodwill. Human factors decide about success or failure of selling your business. Even if you never want to sell - the following recommendations will increase the value of your company. (PP26)

Make Christmas count – talk BUSINESS with your Family. Really! How will your Christmas look like? (PP27)

Today’s Staff Meetings are useless. How about taking your employees to the next level, and your business with it? (PP28)

Is your Business Family living the Prince Charles Syndrome? Why skipping a Generation can be a viable Option to keep the Business in the Family. Sometimes the next generation should make way for the grandchildren to take the throne……and founders should abdicate. (PP29)

The Struggle for Control between the Founders and the Next Generation is never ending. How a “Sanctuary” for the Founders can help you cut the Gordian Knot. (PP30)

If your family never argues in front of employees, you are missing an opportunity. How promoting a “Culture of Conflict” will reduce conflict and boost profits. (PP31)

Living the Spirit of the Family Business – here is what that really means: . (PP32)

Critical Lessons for Business Families - learned at Canada’s only Family Business Symposium Two stories every Business Family should read: (PP33)

The Best Gift Ever: Invest in the Human Capital of the Next Generation Get a Coach with an outside Perspective (PP34)

Most owners avoid an Advisory Board: Why an Advisory Board is critical for the long term success of your Family Business (PP35)



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