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About Stefan....
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We are an independent and flexible consulting firm, focusing on long
lasting personal relationships. Stefan Voswinkel, the principal, is a
seasoned professional with an international and family business
background. He draws his wide-ranging expertise from a diverse career
that has included aviation, tourism, banking and government. Stefan
offers his clients the benefit of his extensive experience as a business
developer, entrepreneur and senior manager in the public and private
sectors. Stefan has a strong ability to build relationships and
motivating people to overcome organizational boundaries.**

*Our Guiding Principles*

We work globally for the Owners of Family and Closely held Businesses

We use a holistic approach to problem-solving, giving the human
relations perspective due attention

We are driven by your results, not our methodology

With our hands-on experience, we will help you find a solution that
actually works

We consider our work done when our clients are in a position to
implement successfully